12 Children Injured in Texas School Bus Accident

12 Children Injured when a Texas School Bus Crashes and Lands on Side

Several students were injured when the driver of a Waxahachie ISD bus lost control. According to Texas State Troopers, the driver was distracted by an incident on the bus. He swerved off the road and overcorrected. The bus flipped on its side sending the children flying inside the bus. One child had to kick open the hatch, so the children could get out.

12 children were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, one suffered a broken arm. None of the children were wearing seatbelts because the bus was not equipped with them. The driver, who was the only one wearing a seatbelt, did not suffer any injuries.

If you or someone you love has been a victim of a school bus accident, the experts at Mukerji Law Firm may be able to help. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us guide you through this complicated and often painful situation.

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Amusement Park Injuries

Top 5 Injuries in Amusement Parks

As an individual is enjoying the thrills of an amusement park, it isn’t uncommon for them to stop and wonder how many people are injured every year at this type of venue. This curiosity often arises because amusement park activities leave little room for error, and this means injuries can occur when least expected. Of the 8,800 serious injuries that occurred at amusement parks in 2006, there were some that appeared to be the most common.

1) Falling

Many of the rides at amusement parks go dozens of feet in the air and then plunge riders back towards the earth in a controlled fall. When something goes wrong during this process individuals are often severely or fatally injured, and those who survive this ordeal are often in need of extensive physical therapy in order to regain their ability to function in their everyday life.

2) Whiplash

It is not uncommon to hear park visitors complain that one or more rides whipped them around or jarred them while it was in motion. This is because the rides at amusement parks often try to combine both speed and a variety of twists and turns, and this can lead to injuries of the head, neck and back. Those at greater risk for this type of injury should take the time to learn about what a ride entails before getting on it.

3) Fractures & Lacerations

Due to the fast speeds and collisions of some amusement park rides it is not uncommon for individuals to suffer lacerations and fractures. The best way for visitors to avoid this type of injury is to adhere to all posted safety signs and have injuries of this type treated immediately, as lacerations can become infected and fractures can worsen if ignored.

4) Drowning

Water rides pose a real risk to visitors because many of these rides involve both water and high speeds. Those who are unable to swim should avoid water rides that will place them directly in water and ensure a lifeguard is on duty if being submerged in water is unavoidable.

5) If an Injury Occurs

If an amusement park visitor is injured they should report this fact to the park staff immediately. This will ensure a report is created and that every detail of the injuring event is able to be recalled later. Visitors should also take photographs of their injuries and the area where the event occurred, as these photos will be valuable evidence should the injured person decide to file a lawsuit at a later time. Once you have taken the photos, the next step is to contact a personal injury attorney who can further assist you.

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Two teens injured falling from the Sidewinder carnival ride

Two Teens Injured after Falling from a Carnival Ride

Two teenagers fell about 25 feet from a carnival ride, when the door to the ride opened while it was in operation. It happened at about 10pm on Sunday on the Sidewinder during the St. Anthony’s Bazaar in Central El Paso. The ride’s four passengers were supposed to be locked up in a gondola while it flips upside down and spins in different directions. El Paso police has not determined the cause of the accident, but they said that a 13-year-old boy and girl were taken to University Medical Center with injuries. The investigation is ongoing.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a carnival ride, Mukerji Law Firm can help. We focus on child injuries, amusement park rides and carnival rides, so our experts can help you get through your tough times. Call Mukerji Law Firm today for your free case evaluation.

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Child Injury Stats You May Not Have Realized Were True

It seems that no matter how hard we try to protect our children, there always seems to be a way for them to get injured. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC), incidents such as burns, falls, drowning, poisonings and motor vehicle accidents are the most common reasons why American children end up suffering serious injuries or losing their lives.

Wrongful Child Injuries

In many situations, the serious injuries that children suffer are caused by the wrongful or negligent actions of others. Law firms that specialize in representing the parents of children who suffer traumatic injuries tend to handle a diversity of cases. From children getting hurt in school bus accidents to drowning in swimming pools at friend’s homes, and from poisonings to dog bites, there is often a chance that someone overlooked the duty we all have as a society to protect our young.

Taking a closer look at the statistics in the CDC Childhood Injury Report from 2000 to 2006, we can see some interesting trends appear in Texas. Here are some thought-provoking points from the report as they pertain to the Lone Star State:

  • There was an average of 1,126 annual deaths during the first years of the 21st century in Texas.
  • Sixty-five percent of deaths caused by injuries were suffered by young males.
  • The majority of injury deaths were caused by motor vehicle accidents.
  • The rate of unintentional injury deaths suffered by minors in Texas was 15 percent higher than the national average.

What These Statistics Teach Us

There are a few things we can glean about the statistics above; let’s begin with the fact that young males in Texas are dying at a much higher rate than their female counterparts. We know that more baby boys are born than baby girls, and we believe that this is a natural way to compensate for the high mortality rate among the males of the human species.

Why are young males more likely than young females to get injured and die? Could it be that boys in Texas are carelessly encouraged by their parents to engage in manly activities that put their safety at risk? If anything, the CDC report reveals that motor vehicle deaths are the leading cause of injury deaths among minors, which cannot be thought of as an indictment on young drivers since we do not know how many of them were involved in fatal accidents.

Drivers and Passengers

What we can unequivocally assume is that motor vehicle safety should be practiced constantly, and that it should be taught at a very early age. Both drivers and passengers share responsibilities when they are on the road, and it goes without saying that adult drivers are doubly responsible when children are their passengers.

Get Compensation Today

If your child has been injured due to neglect, then you need to take action right away. You may be entitled to compensation, but failure to hire an attorney right away may cause you to lose your case. The longer one waits to file a lawsuit, the more that the evidence will disappear.

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How Traumatic Brain Injury (TDI) Affects Quality of Life

How Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Affects Quality of Life

Every year millions of people sustain severe injuries that require immediate medical attention, and it is when the damage from these injuries doesn’t heal that individuals are diagnosed with traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injury can vary in severity, but one thing that is standard in all cases is that the individual who suffers from it sees their quality of life dramatically altered.

Statistics on Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury affects thousands of people every year, and some of the statistics regarding these injuries include that:

  • Those age 15-24 have the highest rate of traumatic brain injury caused by vehicle accidents
  • Males sustain traumatic brain injuries more often than women
  • Those over the age of 65 are the most likely to be hospitalized due to a traumatic brain injury, and are also the most likely to die because of it

Treatment Methods

Those with traumatic brain injury will often discover that modern medicine doesn’t have any solution for fixing the damage to the brain that has already been done. Instead, individuals with TBI will most likely undergo treatment methods aimed at preventing any further damage from occurring.

The level of treatment will also depend on the extent of the injury, and in some cases patients will be required to undergo extensive physical therapy in order to restore their primary motor functions.

Signs of TBI

Those who have been injured may not even be aware that they have traumatic brain injury until the symptoms become apparent. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Problems with thinking abilities such as memory or problem solving
  • Emotional problems in which the victim displays more rapid mood swings or is excessively irritable or depressed
  • Physical signs such as severe headaches, nausea or fatigue
  • Sleep disturbances such as insomnia or the desire to sleep for excessively long periods of time

Children with TBI

Determining whether or not a child has traumatic brain injury can be difficult because many of the signs may appear differently. Signs in children may include:

  • Excessive crying during which the child can’t be comforted
  • Changes in eating habits not consistent with normal development
  • No interest in playthings that were once enjoyed
  • Disruption of normal sleep patterns

If a parent notices any of these signs they should take their child to a medical professional immediately. If traumatic brain injury goes untreated in a child it can lead to severe learning or developmental disabilities that may drastically alter the quality of life the child has as they get older.

Getting Legal Assistance

TBI is a very serious condition. Those who have been affected will experience health and mental issues for the rest of their lives. The best course of action you can take is to speak with a qualified legal representative. Schedule your free case review today by calling 713-222-1222.

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3 Types of Pediatrics Malpractice

3 Types of Pediatrics Malpractice

Millions of Texas parents entrust pediatric doctors with their children every year, and many take the advice of this medical professional without question. It is a tragedy when the advice of this medical professional is wrong and results in a child being severely or fatally injured. Houston parents should be aware of what constitutes pediatrics malpractice so they can know whether they have a right to file a lawsuit.

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Common Texas Malpractice Cases

Any time a Houston pediatrician makes a diagnosis they have a responsibility to ensure that their chosen course of treatment is in the best interest of the child. Common events that can lead to a malpractice case include:

  1. Improper Medication – If a child is diagnosed with an illness and then given medication that does more harm than good this is often considered malpractice if the pediatrician had resources available that indicated an adverse response was likely.
  2. Inadequate Action – If a pediatrician has knowledge about a condition and does nothing about it, this can be considered malpractice. These medical professionals have an obligation to relay information about any known conditions to parents so they can make the decision as to whether or not treatment should be sought.
  3. Surgical Complications – Surgical procedures are undertaken with a great level of care, but this doesn’t mean negligence on the part of medical staff can’t occur. If a child is injured as a result of surgery this is a form of pediatrics malpractice and the parents can seek damages by filing a lawsuit.

Pediatrics Malpractice Legal Assistance

There are many cases of malpractice in Texas every year. When child malpractice happens, it’s important for parents to take legal action right away so that they can win their case. Schedule your free case evaluation today by calling 713-222-1222.

How Do Daycare Injury Waivers Work

How Do Daycare Injury Waivers Work?

When a parent first enrolls their child in a daycare they may be presented with a stack of forms that details what services the facility will provide as well any financial information that is important. One form that often gives parents reason for concern is known as an injury waiver, and this document states that parents won’t hold the daycare responsible if their child is injured. While these waivers may seem intimidating, there are some important facts that parents need to know about them.

Are They Enforceable?

The primary question that parents ask after signing an injury waiver is whether or not this document takes away their right to file a lawsuit in the event that their child is injured. The answer to this is no, because there is no legal document that can exclusively take away a parent’s right to sue those who were the cause of their child’s injury.

Even if parents choose to not take action regarding an injury, the child may still be able to do this once he turns either 18 or 21. This is possible because children are not able to file lawsuits under the age of 18, and the courts recognize that children should not be forced to suffer from an injury simply because their parents failed to take action.

When to File a Lawsuit

Parents who are considering filing a lawsuit against a daycare should do so when they can prove that the daycare was in some way negligent. Some example of negligence include:

  • Not maintaining a sanitary environment
  • Not ensuring toys or playground equipment are properly maintained and safe
  • Failing to adequately supervise children resulting in them being injured

These are only a few examples, and any injury that occurs due to some failing on the part of the daycare is considered to be negligence.

Dealing with Defendants

Once a lawsuit has been filed, parents should limit their contact with individuals and organizations that work on behalf of the daycare. This is of importance because the insurance provider for the daycare may try to convince the parents that their signing of the injury waiver makes the lawsuit invalid, but this is not the case.

The only ally that parents can depend on during this time is their attorney since these legal professional will be working in the parent’s and child’s best interest to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

Schedule a Free Legal Consultation Session

Daycare injuries are serious and parents of injured children should consider hiring an attorney. The first step is to speak to your attorney during a consultation session to see if you should go to court. Schedule your free case review today by calling 713-222-1222.

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School bus injuries in Houston

17 Injured in Two School Bus Accidents on Houston’s Second Day of School

Two separate school bus accidents happened on the second day of school in Houston. The first accident happened at Briar Forest at Tanglewilde in west Houston, where Houston Fire Department officials said 14 people were transported to area hospitals. Houston ISD officials are investigating, but no details on the cause of the accident have been released.

School bus Accident HoustonThe second accident was on I-45 and West Road in north Houston. An Aldine ISD bus was on its way to Stehlik Intermediate School, when it crashed injuring at least three people. All were transported to local hospitals with minor injuries.

If your child has been injured in a school bus accident, you may be eligible for compensation for pain and suffering. Contact the experts at Mukerji Law Firm for a free consultation.

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Child Injury Gather As Much Information As Possible before Visiting an Attorney

Child Injury: Gather As Much Information As Possible before Visiting an Attorney

When a child is injured parents often have to take on the role of an investigator and record keeper in order to ensure those responsible are held accountable. Both of these roles are of vital importance because it is during the act of carrying out these tasks that parents will get a clear picture of what caused the injury so this information can be relayed to an attorney.


Parents should begin their investigation as soon as their child has been treated by a medical professional. All of the information from the investigation should be noted in a journal so the attorney of the parents can review this information later.

  • Factors – The first thing parents will want to do is discover any individuals, products, and events that are associated with the injury. This information can paint a clearer picture of what occurred and help the parent and their attorney determine where the blame truly belongs.
  • External Factors – Parents should also take note of factors that may even appear on the surface to have nothing to do with the injury. Examples of this include the time of day and weather, as these both may play a role even if it seems unlikely.
  • Behaviors – The behaviors of those involved should also be taken into account. If a person seems as though they’re uncomfortable or defensive this should noted as well since it may indicate they know something about the event they’re not willing to readily share.

Record Keeper

The records that are presented during a case are also of vital importance because these pieces of information or objects are often admitted as evidence during the lawsuit. Important records for parents to gather include:

  • Medical Documentation – Injury lawsuits rely heavily on medical documentation to prove both the extent of the injury and its cause. Parents should keep medical records separate from everything else because this will ensure records are not overlooked and the attorney can build the best case.
  • Photographs – Parents should take multiple photos of both the scene where the injury occurred and the injury itself. Photos of the injury should include both close-ups of the any injuries as well as pictures of the entire child. Photos of the scene should include every detail possible and any close-ups of anything parents might think was a contributing factor to the injury.
  • Behavior Journal – Sitting down and talking with their child about the details of the injury should also be something that parents do. Parents can document any information their child gives them as well any other observations that may potentially be attributable to the injury.

Hire an Attorney Today

After a child has been injured, the first thing a parent should do is make sure the situation is safe and begin collecting evidence. After those two things, the next step is to contact a personal injury attorney. Schedule your free case review today by calling 713-222-1222.

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18-Month-Old Girl's Leg Partially Severed at a Daycare

18-Month-Old Girl’s Leg Partially Severed at a Daycare

An 18-month-old girl was playing in the backyard with five other children at about 9:10 a.m. on Thursday when she was injured in Wichita, Kansas. The daycare’s owner, Christy Hunt, was mowing the lawn with a newer model push lawn mower. No details have been released on how this accident happened. Official are still trying to determine if the girl was run over or if she fell under the lawn mower. She was rushed to Via Christi Hospital St. Francis, where doctors suggested that the girl might lose her leg. She was transferred to a Kansas City hospital to attempt to save the leg. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment issued a suspension order for the daycare’s license. The owner was booked into Sedgwick County jail on suspicion of one count of aggravated child endangerment. The longtime daycare provider has not been formally charged. A catastrophe like is devastating for the child and the parents. The resulting injury will severely affect the quality of life of the victim, and the associated medical bills often create a major financial strain for the parents. If you or someone you know has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, let the experts at Mukerji Law Firm help. Contact us today for a free consultation. Image courtesy of kansasfirstnews.com