Girl Who Lost Her Toe Go-Carting Wins $1.5 Million Verdict

Girl Who Lost Her Toe Go-Carting Wins $1.5 Million Verdict

Guy W. Crabtree of Pulley Watson in Durham, NC and D. Brooks Hundley, Esq. of Hundley & Johnson in Richmond, VA won a $1.5 million verdict on behalf of their client. Their client is a 9-year-old child who lost her toes at Adventure Landing amusement park after a go-cart ran over her left foot.

The girl’s go-cart got stuck against the rail of the track, and no one was paying attention. When no one came to come help her, she got out of the cart to free herself, and another cart ran over her foot.

The victim suffered a de-gloving injury on the front of her foot and had severely broken and misplaced toes. Doctors tried to save the plaintiff’s toes but the tissue had died. The only option was to amputate the toes and graft skin from her thigh to cover the front of her foot.

The defense relied heavily on the warnings for the drivers to stay in the carts. The plaintiff’s attorneys argued that track was negligent for failing to monitor all sections of the track.

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