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Family Dollar Store Recalls 254,000 Toys

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The Family Dollar Store decided to recall 254,000 toy trucks after it was discovered that the Tough Treadz Auto Carrier product posed a risk of lacerations. This is a proactive measure as up to this point, there have been no incidents of injury.

The package is labeled “Tough Treadz Auto Carrie,” has a white $5 sticker in the upper-right corner and “SKU 1004247” is printed in red.

Anyone with this product should take it back to The Family Dollar Store to get a refund.

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2.59 Million Small Cars Recalled after 57 Deaths

Fiat Recall

Fiat Chrysler is now being named in a 2008-2010 class-action lawsuit, which covers the Dodge Caravan, Chrysler Town and Country, and Dodge Journey. The Fiat Chrysler is accused of having defective ignition switches, which has been linked to 57 deaths. Chrysler is now recalling 2.59 million small cars. Congress has also added a $35 million fine for delaying the recall announcement.

The defective switch causes the vehicles to stall, lose power and it disables the airbags. The company is now advising consumers to remove all items except the keys from the key ring.

You can read more about the Fiat recall here.