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truck accident

Injured by an 18 wheeler, semi-truck, tractor trailer or other large commercial vehicle?

You have probably noticed an increase in commercial truck traffic over the past few years; it’s become an annual $600 billion dollar business. According to the Department of Transport, there are approximately 500,000 truck accidents in the United States each year and about 1% of those are fatal. Have you been injured in a truck accident? If so, you will need the assistance of a Houston personal injury attorney to go up against the fortress of opposition attorneys from the trucking company and their insurance carrier. Mukerji Law Firm have the aggressive and professional approach that has proven successful in these cases, and the legal team is should evaluate your case as early as possible.

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Truckers drive hundreds of thousands of miles each year and most are compensated on the amount of goods moved from one destination to another. There are laws concerning how many hours per day a driver is allowed to work, as well as strict laws on DUI for commercial drivers. There are many federal laws and regulations on the care and maintenance of these 10,000+ pound vehicles due to the potential for damage caused by driver error or equipment failure. One of the most common causes for truck accidents is faulty tires. When claiming damages for truck accident injuries, it is necessary to prove fault. While it might seem obvious that the truck caused the damage, the opposing side will attempt to avoid responsibility and can make the process very difficult. Our legal team is well equipped to deal with issues of equipment failure, driver fatigue, failure to observe traffic conditions such as high winds and icy roads, improperly balanced loads, worn out tires and distracted driving.

Your case will be won on its merits and we urge you to contact us as soon as possible so we can arrange an initial consultation. Memories can fade with time, witnesses can change location, and evidence can be lost so it’s best to start assembling the pieces of your case immediately. We look forward to helping you receive meaningful compensation for your injuries. The initial consultation is no charge, so do not hesitate to call us.

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