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At our firm, we focus upon in personal injury cases of all types. We pursue the maximum possible in compensation, and we have garnered a reputation for our excellent legal work in serious injury cases. Find out more about how we can help you and read more about the various types of injury cases we take on.

We proudly provide legal services to individuals and families in the following areas:

Animal Attacks
A dog attack can be very serious, leading to torn muscles, skin and permanent scarring. A dog owner can be held accountable and be forced to pay for the consequences of failing to control their animal.

ATV Accidents
An ATV accident can be the result of a dangerous design that leads to a rollover, and the injuries are often significant or permanent. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an ATV accident, find out about what can be done to pursue full compensation for damages.

Bicycle Accidents
A bicyclist is at great risk of injury if a negligent driver is sharing the road. The injuries sustained are often very serious, including head, neck, back and internal injuries, or death.

Boating Accidents
A day on the water can turn into a tragic and terrible incident if a negligent boater fails to operate a watercraft safely. Unfortunately, these accidents often lead to brain damage, severe injuries or death.

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Burn Injuries
Serious burns are difficult to treat, and can require many surgeries to attempt to resolve. The scarring is often significant and the injuries and treatment are both exceptionally painful. A claim related to burn injuries must be managed carefully, and the damages pursued must reflect the pain and suffering as well as all financial losses to the victim.

Car Accidents
A vehicle accident is a common cause of very serious injuries, and seeking compensation for damages is extremely important to the victim and the family. A full evaluation of the case should be undertaken as early as possible after the accident.

Catastrophic Injuries
Injuries that permanently damage the victim, rendering that person unable to work or function in life, such as spinal cord injuries and brain injuries, should be carefully managed. A lifetime of care and treatment will be necessary, and the damages paid to the victim should be very high value. Read more.

Children’s Injuries
It is a terrible and tragic situation when a child has been injured due to an act of negligence. At our firm, we are recognized for our results in child injury cases, and can advise you about how to move forward with a claim or lawsuit in cases of daycare injuries, defective children’s toys, amusement park injuries, swimming pool accidents, bus accidents and others.

Construction Accidents
There are inherent dangers in working in the construction industry, and when an accident occurs, the consequences can last a lifetime, whether a scaffolding collapse, equipment accident, trench collapse, ladder fall, explosion, electrocution or other incident. Find out what can be done to pursue compensation for damages, possibly from third parties who could be held liable.

Cruise Ship Injuries
A cruise can turn into a nightmare if an injury accident takes place on board. It can be extremely difficult to get the cruise ship company to take responsibility, and will require heavy pressure to be applied to get results.

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Defective Products
A commercial product, if directions are followed, should not endanger the health or life of the consumer. Whether the product is a dangerous drug or other product, the process of seeking compensation can be complex.

Mass Tort Claims
At Mukerji Law Firm, we represent victims in mass tort claims, including Mirena IUD Lawsuits and Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits, among others.

Motorcycle Accidents
The injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident are often life-changing, or fatal. Recovery time could be months, years, or the victim could require ongoing medical and nursing care, based upon the degree of the injuries.

Nursing Home Abuse
There is great concern about the level of care provided by various nursing homes, and the high incidence of abuse and neglect. If your loved one has suffered from any form of abuse or neglect while in a nursing home, a lawsuit or claim can be filed to recover compensation.

Pharmaceutical Litigation
Our firm represents the injured in a range of pharmaceutical injury claims, including Yaz & Yasmin injuries. Are you the victim of a dangerous medication? Find out what can be done to recover compensation.

Premises Liability
Injuries that occur on private, government, commercial or public property should be managed by a Houston injury lawyer that has achieved results.

Truck Accidents
The process of recovering damages in a commercial truck accident requires legal counsel that has experience in this area. At our firm, we have achieved victory in truck accident claims, and can advise you about moving forward with a claim or lawsuit.

Wrongful Death
Losing a loved one due to an act of negligence is a tragic and shocking situation. The close family has the right to file a wrongful death claim to seek justice and compensation. The valuation of the damages is a critical point in these cases.

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