Helping Your Family

Child Injury Claims and Other Family-Related Injury Cases

If your child has suffered a serious injury, whether in a bicycle accident, animal attack, in a daycare injury, due to a defective toy, in an amusement park, swimming pool or any other accident, you need to know where to turn. As parents, we suffer with our children and an accident and injury is the nightmare we hope we never have to face. Once an injury has occurred, the focus is generally on the health and recovery of the child, and only later the legal issues come to mind. At our firm, Mukerji Law Firm, we are recognized for our work in children’s injury cases, and serve as counsel for families who are dealing with this tragic situation.

We take all aspects of the legal issues off your plate so you can focus on your child and your family while you try to get through this difficult time. We help families to pursue justice and compensation in these terrible situations, and our concern is solely with arranging a settlement that will allow the child to have access to the best of medical care, and to be cared for as needed. In many cases, one parent must quit work to care for the child, and the financial damages are often extensive. We are committed to pursuing all damages, including economic and non-economic.

Wrongful Death Claims: Helping Families After the Loss of a Loved One

Some families suffer the tragic loss of a treasured family member due to an act of negligence or reckless or dangerous behavior. Our firm serves as counsel in wrongful death claims. The loss of a wage earner that helps to support the family can mean financial devastation. The death of a child leads to serious emotional losses for the parents, as well as brothers, sisters and other family members. We help families in all legal matters related to wrongful death claims and lawsuits, and stand ready to discuss your case. We are compassionate, competent, and known for getting results. We are here to fight for you and to gain some degree of closure, as well as allow you the financial wherewithal to move forward.

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